Some facts about ShanghaiTech Class of 2027

ON2023-08-25TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Global

This summer, ShanghaiTech offered admission to a historically-high number of new undergraduate students. A total of 515 freshmen from 14 provinces and 4 municipalities were enrolled in 10 majors. Compared to last year, the average admission scores across most provinces this year maintained a steady increase, but declined slightly in some regions due to the already high admission scores there.


Among the new students, 72% of them are male, reducing the male-to-female ratio from last year’s 2.78 to 2.58. There are 65% from the east part of China, a slight increase over last year’s 62% as ShanghaiTech’s influence keeps increasing in these provinces, and over half of them selected majors of SIST due to the growing AI heat. The new students come from 232 high schools across China, with 61% of them coming from outside Shanghai. The furthest city where students came from is Jiuquan in Gansu Province which is 2300 km away.


We believe the coming Class of 2027 will show their great talent in science and engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship potential, and creativity and critical thinking ability. In this coming September, they will come to the campus for the new semester’s registration, and move on toward their promising university life.


The charts below show interesting figures and facts about our new students: